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At Supernova Basketball we believe that each player should have fun and grow to the best of their ability while developing their physical and personal skills. Supernova values the importance of teamwork, personal development, leadership, character development, accountability and sportsmanship to make each player better both on and off the court.


The coach went above and beyond to make it a great experience... Coached to win but also developed fundamentals.

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My daughter loved playing for Supernova. Great mix of fun but also serious basketball. Coaches did a great job of teaching the basic skills - my daughter improved incredibly throughout the year.

My son has made great friends through Supernova. He's been playing with a lot of the same kids for a few years now, but this season I really saw them grow as a team and have such a strong bond.

Supernova Nation

My son really loved this team. He always looked forward to the weekly practices and the tournaments. It was a great group of boys and the coach was great.

Supernova Nation

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